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This Page has some references from some my students and their parents. I am very grateful for their honest opinions of how they find my teaching and how much fun they have!


We met Simon through the Tone Zone Music Shop website earlier this year. We'd been looking for a guitar techer for our son ... view


Just to let you know how much I enjoyed my guitar lessons and how good and fun they are... (Aidan) view


In October 2008 when Aidan asked if he could start guitar lessons, we were totally supportive... (Penny) view


When teaching Connor, Simon shares his enthusiasm and love of the guitar as with a young friend, rather than the traditional pupil/teacher relationship... (Mary) view


I have loved music, particularly guitar-based music, from a young age and for years had wanted to learn to play... (Mike) view


Simon has been teaching me guitar for a year and I always look forward to my lessons with him... (Lucy) view


I have learnt more with Simon in 6 weeks, than I learnt in 6 months with my last teacher... (Joss) view


We would recommend Simon to any parents looking for a guitar teacher for their child... (David) view


My son (14) has lessons with Simon and I can't recommend him highly enough... (Elaine) view


Simon is kind, fun and generous person who knows how to get the best out of his younger students... (Debbie) view


Zak had never played the guitar before January 2009. He got his first electric guitar for Christmas and immediately began having weekly lessons with Simon... (Claire) view


Simon Ashworth has been teaching our 12-year-old son, Joshua, guitar for nearly two years... (Bob) view


My guitar playing was 'stuck in a rut' and I didn't know how to progress. Consequently I was loosing interest in playing at all... (Peter) view


Learning with Simon is fun and inspiring. I have played with him for two years and have learnt and done a lot... (Josh) view


Thank You Card from Connor view


Justin was new to the guitar before starting with Simon an he has very much enjoyed his sessions ... (Justin) view


I have been coming to Simon every four weeks for about a year. When I started I could play only a few chords - badly ... (Paul) view


A certificate for being so kind...(Beatrice) view


Simon Ashworth, DipLCM | Tel: 079 138 6852 | Email: simon@guitarstudy.ch